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Bootfitting from Intersport: So that the ski boot sits as poured

Pushing ski boots are past. At least at our Intersport Hintertux in Tux. We offer custom-made ski boots.
An individually adapted ski boot gives you the perfect footing, instantly transfers strength and movement to the ski and contributes to your safety with that.
Because for you as a customer it often isn't too easy to find the right ski boot from a variety of shoe3 models. We quickly recognize which shoe fits your foot.
Foot width, length and shape are the most important basic data for the choice of your ski shoe. Carriage, weight and body size also influence the decision of the shoe selection.

The Customshells from Salomon and the Memoryfit shells from Atomic we will fit to your feets directly with the help of heat. Nordica shells will be fitted with infrared and vacuum. But even if your shoes do not have any specially adapted formwork systems, we can help: The "push-out" machine can also be used to adjust to older shoes - for example extending ankle or forefoot punctually.
Shoes purchased from us are processed in our workshop by our specialists, if necessary, until they fit. And it's free until the perfect fit is found.
Pain, numbness, uncomfortable pulling at the feet while skiing - there is not any of these anymore!

Be excited for a whole new experience on the slope.

Another advantage of Intersport:

Did you buy a ski boot at your Intersport shop at home? Do you have any problems with them? We will help you very fast and free of charge.
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